Harvard MBA研究

<Harvard MBA>
Looking for; Leadership, Analytical aptitude and appetite, Engaged community citizens
Start date: matriculating fall 2023 (MBA Class of 2025)
Duration: 2 year
Time commitment: Full time
Location: Boston
Cost: $225,528($112,764/年: Tuition 73,440, Indirect expenses 31,390, Required fees 7,934) 約3,000万円
Class size; 732
Nationalities; 61
International students; 37%
Female: 44%
Average work experience; 5 years
Entrepreneurship; More than 50% of our graduates create ventures in a quest to change the world.
Median starting salary after HBS: $150,500
Median signing bonus after HBS: $30,000
Round1 : 07 SEP 2022 (Notification 08 DEC 2022)
Round2:  04 JAN 2022 (Notification 29 Mar 2023)

GMAT or GRE score
We require you to complete the AWA portion of the exam; however, you do not need the results in order to submit your application. 

We accept online versions of the GMAT or GRE. Please plan accordingly as scores from online tests may take time to be received.
Your GMAT or GRE test date must fall on or between
Round1; Sep 7 2017 and Sep 7 2022
Round2; Jan 4th 2018 and Jan 4 2023

<GMAT HBS class of 2023>

Verbal Range 28-51
Quantitative Range 32-51
Total Range 590-790

Median Verbal 41
Median Quantitative 49
Median Total 730

TOEFL: 109
IELTS: Score 7.5 (HBS does not have a minimum test score to apply. However, the MBA Admissions Board discourages any candidate with a TOEFL score lower than 109 on the iBT, an IELTS score lower than 7.5 from applying)

- There is one question for the class of 2025 application:
As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as  we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program?
We think you know what guidance we're going to give here. Don't overthink, overcraft and overwrite. Just answer the question in clear language that those of us who don't know your world can understand.

As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program? Build on the rest of the written application or share new information. Fill out the rest of the application first. Think about the order in which you want to fill out the application. Give yourself time and space to reflect. 
Tips; Make sure the essay adds new information. Make sure the essay is about the right length. There is a 900 word limit. We hope the limit provides a little more direction and eliminates stress. You do  not need to submit 900 words - successful applicants may submit less. Make sure the essay is about you. Could this essay also describe someone else? We want to get to know you better. Be careful when you are rewriting. Don't shine away your personality. 

Recommendations (2)
You will need to have two recommendations submitted online by the application deadlines. Recommenders will be asked to fill out a personal qualities and skills grid and answer our two additional questions (see below). It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all recommendations are submitted online by the deadline date for the round in which the applicant is applying. Use your best judgement on who you decide to ask - there is no set formula for who should be your recommenders. We know it is not always possible to have a direct supervisor write your recommendation - we would not want you to jeopardize your current position for the application process. Look at the questions we are asking recommenders to complete. Find people who know you well enough to answer them. This can be a former supervisor, a colleague, someone you collaborate on an activity outside of work. How well a person knows you should take priority over level of seniority or HBS alumni status.
Recommender Questions
Recommendations must be completed online. The recommendation form includes the following questions, along with other types of questions: 
How do the candidate's performance, potential, background, or personal qualities compare to those of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples. (300 words)
Please describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant's response. (250 words)
Provide specific examples. Share the impact you've had. Demonstrate your approach.

- A current business resume uploaded through our online application system. This can be your standard business resume or CV. You do not need to have it in any special format. you can use whatever you would use to conduct a job search.
Educational Background, Work Experience, Activities & Interests. Simple, Easy to Read, Clearly Labeled Dates & Locations. Please do not shrink font size. Focus on what is most important to you. Use easy-to-read fonts, avoid extra images/photos, avoid unusual formats

Go beyond your resume. Elaborate on separate projects or experiences. Short Answers. What is your job or role within your company, group, or team?
Employer Description(250 characters). Tell us what we do not know.
Please briefly explain your role within your organization without using jargon or technical terms.(250 characters)
Reason For Leaving.(250 characters) Why did you move from one position to the next?
Key Accomplishments(250 characters) What achievement has been the most meaningful to you?
Most Significant Challenge (250 characters)
Take time to self-reflect. Don't be afraid to show your personality!
What to tell us more? Add more to your essay!

Pursue your extracurricular activities with uncommon purpose and persistence
List up to three activities in order of importance to you (i.e., list the most important first). Please tell us about the things you do or have done while not at work or in class - there are no "wrong answers" here. Include activities like campus organizations, community service, family obligations, or religious activities. We use this section mostly to get a sense of how you spend time outside of the classroom and workplace. If there are additional activities you wish to tell us about, please include them on your resume/CV.

Awards and Recognition
List up to three awards from your life.(Basis of Selection 200 character limit) How can you best capture the basis of selection and why it is so meaningful to you? What is important to you outside of work?

Post MBA Goals
What do you hope for? What are your aspirations? What drives you to want to come to HBS? Why is this next step in your journey so important?